The Parkway activation

Parkway Artway

The Parkway from Main Street to Ellen Stirling Parklands has received a makeover. Not just landscaping, but you will also find a new temporary dog park, beach volleyball and a stunning art walk.

The Parkway Artway is an outdoor art gallery, created for the community of Ellenbrook, linking the town centre to the future Metronet station and the Hesperia precinct.

The works featured in the Parkway Artway have been inspired by colours, patterns, people, plants, animals and landscapes that make Ellenbrook unique.

Please enjoy!

Swamp Tortoise

Mel McVee is a Perth born multi-disciplinary artist working primarily in the realms of community art, murals, sculpture and illustration. Mel’s interest in street art emerged through a passion in community activation projects in her local area. Her work is a celebration of what is locally beautiful and quintessentially Australian.

Western Swamp Tortoise is the name of this piece and was created by Mel with volunteers from the Ellenbrook Community in a big paint together project earlier in December 2019.

Mel uses native flora and fauna of the local area to bring the surrounding environment to the attention of those who live in the landscape. Mel’s work deals with the idea of lines and connection. Her cartographic background of creating maps for the environmental industry piqued her fascination in the way the world can be shaped in absolutes.

This artwork shows the Western Swamp Tortoise surrounded by various significant and unique flora species in the area including the Fringed Lilly, Jumping Jacks, Cowslip Orchid, Swamp Tea Tree and the Gorgeous Blue Lady.


Aidan Garnett is a Western-Australian based aerosol artist, graphic designer and curator. He has been developing his street art skill set in the local community over the last 16 years. Aidan’s work often revolves around typography, character, illustration and geometric shapes.

 Postcard is an artwork that was created by Aidan along with some young Ellenbrook artists. The concept for this work is based on vintage postcards seen mainly in and around the USA.  

 Through a series of workshops, emerging Ellenbrook artists, together with Aidan, have highlighted landmarks and special places to welcome both locals and visitors to the area.

(Photo:  Local MLA, Jessica Shaw with youth of Ellenbrook)


Melbourne based artist and graphic designer Jamie Boyce loves creating abstract, eye-catching and super colourful patterns and designs that explore concepts of youth and playfulness, through bold colours and lively shapes.

In his artwork, Daydream and Between the Lines Jamie has used different shapes, colours and patterns to create something fun, bold, colourful, eye-catching and abstract for the community of Ellenbrook to enjoy and interact with.

Jamie has created two, seamless designs with many details. Every time you walk past, you might notice something you didn’t see before.


Nathan Hoyle is an emerging artist based in the Fremantle area.  Exploring the significance of the process of painting and pattern making, Nathan’s work draws upon the aesthetics of incidental marks as well as topographic patterns and tessellations found in the Australian landscape.

Nathan’s Untitled work include patterns naturally found in the Ellenbrook area - fauna, flora and the topography of several waterbodies - as well as structural patterns found in the topography of developed suburbia - tessellated roofs, brick work, repeated structural shapes. The work displays a balance of natural, organic shapes against rigid, structural shapes - this references the structural intervention of the Ellenbrook townsite within the surrounding parkland, striking a balance of opposites.

Wiggle Room

To & Fro Studio is Loren Holmes and Rosie Halsmith – Western Australian designers and artists. Coming from backgrounds in architecture, landscape architecture and design, their work explores their interest in the power of visual representation to tell three dimensional stories.

Their artwork is titled Wiggle Room. You’ll see a wiggly line up and down The Parkway, a recurring theme appearing in the spaces in-between other artworks. Sometimes it will disappear beyond the canvas, returning the next time a gap appears.

This piece is responding to the Ellenbrook community’s ability to find space for creativity in Ellenbrook, with art appearing around corners, in community spaces, both formally and informally.

Monotonously Exciting Extravagantly Mundane

Tyrown Waigana is an Indigenous artist and designer from Perth. He is connected to both the Noongar people from South West Western Australia and Torres Strait Islander people from Saibai Island. He has been creative from an early age and drawing for as long as he can remember. Tyrown studied a Bachelor of Arts at Curtin University. 

Tyrown’s artworkMonotonously Exciting Extravagantly Mundane, explores the highs and lows of everyday life. For example, you might hate your job but love the people you work with. In creating the piece, Tyrown’s intention was for it to be relatable – perhaps you’ll recognise a small detail that resembles an aspect of your everyday life. Two artworks that were key to Tyrown’s starting point for this piece were Picasso’s Guernica and George Condo’s Compression IV.

Green + Grow

Several new trees have popped up along Parkway. This moveable urban forest is adding greenery to this space. As our new forest grows, shady spots for sitting and resting will appear.

A big thanks to the folks at the Ellenbrook Men’s Shed for crafting our timber planter boxes.

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